Functionalities Carbon Manager

You will find the functionalities below in the Carbon Manager – whichever subscription you have. Do you have a specific question? Please contact us. We offer customized reports or solutions.


  • Simply print a standard CO2 footprint factsheet (e.g. for CO2 performance ladder or annual report)

  • Create an overview report with all data

  • Export all data to MS Word, Excel or PDF

  • Create a data quality report

Data input

  • Create locations yourself

  • Enter different types of data (manually or via data template)

  • Enter data per month, quarter or year

  • Create new users and assign permissions to provide the correct data

  • Remind users to fill in dates

Data quality

  • Archive old data

  • Periodically make a copy of the CO2 footprint

  • Add extra information about the dates

  • Add attachments to the data as a burden of proof

  • Add labels to your data


  • Add a CO2 target

  • Monitor the progress of both CO2 emissions and energy consumption

  • Analyze data in the dashboard (benchmark locations and years)

Extra services on request

  • Set up the tool once

  • Help with transferring data from existing applications

  • Data validation (check for completeness, correctness and sources incl. memo with findings)

  • Adding extra emission questions to the custom questionnaire

  • Print company-specific visuals and reports (e.g. for CO2 performance ladder or annual report)

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