Compulsory measurement of CO2 emissions of traveling employees

Organizations must start tracking the CO2 emissions of their employees’ travels. What does this mean to you?

In January 2022, the government announced that medium and large employers will have to keep track of the CO2 emissions of their employees. It concerns emissions from commuter traffic. Organizations with more than 100 employees must also start tracking business travel.

Additional administrative task

This arrangement means an extra administrative task in the field of sustainability. You have probably also heard about the CSRD, an extensive report of sustainability information that will be mandatory for more than 50,000 European companies from 2023.

As an organization you can choose to record all information about your environmental impact in software such as Excel. We are now seeing that more and more organizations are choosing to tackle it thoroughly with a CO2 footprint tool. The Carbon Manager is a tool for reporting and monitoring your CO2 emissions. The tool helps you to independently draw up your CO2 footprint. The Carbon Manager saves you time and guarantees the quality of your company’s sustainability reports.

Knowing more?

Curious about what the Carbon Manager CO2 footprint tool can do for your organization? Request a free demo and try the Carbon Manager for 3 months without obligation.

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